Tour Budget 2011

Tour Budget 2011

Do you have papers, files, computer files, spreadsheets galore,...

Do you have papers, files, computer files, spreadsheets galore, and basically a cluttered mess? Are you looking for some kind of software or program to take the headaches of organization away?

Are you unsure of how to put your valuable tour information together into one financial file? You could be one of the masses who are great at your job, though leave a bit to desire in keeping your tour's finances systematic for anyone to understand.

"Tour Budget 2011" is designed and targeted specifically towards the entertainment industry. Whether you're a local, regional, or professional entertainment group - THIS IS FOR YOU!

Any one from amateur to professional can use this workbook - even if you've never kept track of a tour's finances before. This is a wonderfully simple way of organizing a tour's finances while on the road!

Simply enter the calendar info for the city, state or country, venue, and day-type in the Tour Dates tab. There's even a chart there to tally how many of each day-type there are.

The Salaries, Per-Diems paid, and Meals (buyouts) paid tabs automatically send their totals to the Daily Budget. Totals from the Flights tab get added to the Misc.

tab. The Misc. tab accounts for all the miscellaneous things such as fuel, tolls, bus and truck leases, etc. Per-Diem amounts or attendances are sent to the M&IE tab for taxes (Meals & Incidental Expenses).

All that's required here is to enter that city's federal CONUS rate, where a link is already provided. There is also an Astral Projection Budget, which is identical to the Daily Budget excepting that no figures are automatically transferred there - you can enter your own projections.

When you enter names into the Salaries tab, they automatically fill-in names in the Personnel tab. A Few Great Features Include:* Loaded with Help comments and tips* Error-free calculations & percentage-conversions* Customizable drop-down menus* Tons of Auto-populate fields* Easily displays amounts of Salary, Deposits, Bonuses, Buyouts, etc.

by the Week or Month* Combined with the "M&IE Printout", the Budget Organizes the Entire Staff's Rates for Their Taxes with Little to No Effort* 19 Custom Fields for Miscellaneous Expenses* 21 Fields for Names in Salaries and Personnel* Add 3 Custom Categories for Day-Types on the Tour Schedule* Weekly Totals Every 7 Days in the Daily Budget* Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Annum Totals for Each Page* Printable Tour Schedules - Two Months Per Page* Tracks Number of Day-Types by the Month on a Year-At-A-Glance Chart* And so much more.